Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Wong Fu's K-POP Rendition

Ever since I watched the first YouTube video about "Yellow Fever" from Wong Fu Production back in 2006, I've been obsessed with them ever since.

I've been watching their creative videos and short film clips over the past decade. It's been a source of entertainment for me growing up, especially on nights when I'm bored and browsing the net. This is definitely my Asian nerdy side when I'm not out drinking and dancing!    

One of their newest music video that connects to me dearly right now is their version of an attempt to be a K-POP boy group. Since I'm currently in Seoul, this stood out to me the most. The lyrics were incredibly funny and made NO sense whatsoever.    

To give you an idea, this is a sample verse:
Please open the refrigerator
Give me the salt quickly
My back is itchy
The sun is really far
I have no friends...

Need I say more?     
I highly recommend checking out the video here for some good laughs:

Side Note: The YouTube response videos of Korean people watching this is even funnier because of how ridiculous the lyrics are. Seeing people's reactions and their commentaries are priceless.  

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